Capa Jalawa Sunset - one size


Nuestras Capas Jalawa estan elaboradas con tejidos etnicos antiguos de mujeres afganas que, al abrigo de sus hogares, comparten sus alegrías y tristezas entre mujeres sin la mirada de los hombres. Cada pieza tiene una historia, la historia de la mujer que la bordo. Sus "imperfecciones" se deben a su antigüedad y constituyen parte de su belleza y encanto

Our Capas Jalawa are made with antique ethnic fabrics from afghani women who, in the warmth of their homes, share their happiness and sadness between women, far from the eyes of men. Each piece has its story, the story of the woman who embroidered it. Their "imperfections" are due to their antiquity and represent part of their beauty and charm

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